It’s Been A Long Time…

“It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you without some high fashion to help you…”  Ok, feeling a little Eric B and Rakim in my soul today!  Hello Loves, again I know it has been a while, but the Diva is back.  Yes! For real this time.  Let me start off by saying that I hope you all had a wonderful holiday… Ha Ha, I know it’s March but work with me people.   Mine was so fab and I got engaged New Years Eve. (She claps with excitement) Then there was the move out of my apartment and in with family, to prepare for my nuptials. On to the birthday celebrates…Hee Hee… in January,  which  my besties and I deem it necessary to carry through the month. ( Great tradition)  Along the way I missed my BLOG Anniversary, but it’s not too late to thank all of you who have been there to follow me, give me words of wisdom and even encourage me along the way. Thanks Bunches!!!! ;-)  Now, in my thank-you I would like to recognize some true divine connections that I have established with some fellow bloggers Cherrie of Cherrie Amore, Candace of The Style Climber and last but not least Kelly of Kelly Monroe. I really appreciate you ladies for checking out my blog and making comments and then even giving me an award. I hope to connect more with you during this year.  Thanks also to my besties for their love and support and to (BABY) Breon Franklin for taking my pics even when he didn’t feel like it… LOL…gots to get me a camera and tri-pod in 2013.  I will be making some changes and updates to the blog this year, so don’t stop visiting and please know that I appreciate it when you do.

SMOOCHES til later..


Spots and Stripes

Hello loves, 

I took a little break after the last swap and then wound up sick during the holidays.  However, I am back and we are gone keep it moving up into the New Year.   A few weeks ago I was feeling a little casual with the shorter days and cool temps. Can you believe it is cool in the “M” Town? Anywho, I was thinking layers & warmth when I put this look together. I have seen other bloggers do stripes with their animal print and wanted to try the combination as well. All the items in the look I’ve had for a while except this chambray blouse which seems to be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe these days. So, while parousing my closet I came across this stripped knit And wanted to build around it so, in came the khaki’s and my beloved chambray blouse.Topped it off with these animal print ankle boots, which you will also be seeing more of and an animal print belt to cinch it all together.  Stay tuned to the blog, will be posting pics from the Swap Party and showing off some of my great finds as well.




…And Along Came A Spider

Hello loves,

I wore this outfit on Tuesday.  After looking at the sweater you may think I wore this to celebrate Halloween, but on the contrary,  it was to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship of this sweater,  purchased about two or three years ago and still to this day I am taken aback by its hand sown beading and stitching.  Due to the sweater being a little gothic  I decided to add some girly flash with this flowing houndstooth skirt which was a highlight for the gray backdrop of the sweater.  I then threw on black stilettos and a red purse for pizzazz.






Blue Crush

Hello lovies! Been quite busy lately, but I am still around. Wore an outfit last week and wanted to do a quick post about it. It has been still a little warm here in the “M” town, so I have only had opportunity to breakout some tights and maybe a sweater or two. This outfit features a dress that is an electric blue hue and being that it is pretty conservative I wanted to spotlight these amazing tights. I purchased these from Half of Half for only a couple of bucks. Now how cute is that. ;-)

Until next time…






Hello Loves,  

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to share in worship with my boo.  So, of course you know that I wanted to be a little extra…LOL  I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses; this pretty plum explosion always gistens of my skin.  I wore metalic gold heels to reflect the metalic designs in the dress.  I wore gold earrings with a vintage green necklace and green bangles to match.  Then you know that my purse had to be a statement piece as well.  See I told you!



Hello Lovies,

I wanted to do a quik post, to inform you all on the postponing of the Diva Dash Swap Party. Due to low confirmation we will push the event to later date in November. I will keep you all posted on the date so that there is plenty of time to prepare.


Faux Pas

Good afternoon Lovies,  On last week I posted info regarding the next “Diva Dash Swap” and I had to be corrected on the date.  I did not want you lovies to think that you had missed your golden opportunity to snag some goodies so please find attached the corrections on this one.  Again… MY BAD!!!!  Also if you plan on attending please contact me with the number of guest that will be attending with you so I can have a head count to cover our munchies for that day.

Until then……

Let’s Swap!!!!!!

Well lovies, fall is here!  Even though mother nature is not saying the same in the southern parts of the U.S…LOL…  We still need to prepare fashionably for the days to come, and we can begin with another “Diva Dash Swap Party”!   So, gather your fall clothing that’s either too big, too small or just didn’t work at ALL and join me Saturday, October 6th for a day of MAJOR SWAPPING.

See you there…

Copy Cat….

Hello Loves,

Today’s post comes as a musing from a blogger that I recently became a follower of.  In one of her post she had this awesome idea to steal a couple of items from her boo’s closet and make them work for her.  I have had this notion as well but was not sure how I wanted to do it but my “GIRL” (#closelikethat) over at  made this work, and I figured I could too.  So, here is how it turned out, tell me what you think.

Until Next Time…

Click the pic to check out this look.